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Posted by JUICEFORLIFE on 3 years ago

I am reading all of the discussion and input from members. I am so proud of everyone, obviously this is not an easy adventure at all. I will be on Day one on October 13th, yes, the day after Thanksgiving, however I did start my increase in vegies and fruit intake for the last five days, so I feel like I am ready for it. I have not had any alcohol for 8 days, and decreased my coffee intake by two cups, I have not eaten bread since last February (that was worse than getting off of alcohol or coffee for sure!)

All I can say is, I've got my new juicer, my list to go shopping on Monday & my recipes all written out....Here goes the plan. I am both excited and have some anxiety about not being able to do this, however it is important for me to jump in with both feet, don't look back is what I am telling myself.

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