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Diary of an Emotional Eater

Real Change

Posted by Karma on 2 years ago

The first day of the rest of my life...... I am in a "cleansing" phase for the next 3 days. I have already been juicing for breakfast and at times in the evening before bed.

I am not a terrible eater, I like my vegetables, I don't drink soda but I am an emotional eater. I have struggled with this my entire life. Comfort foods are my downfall.

I will be starting the 5-day Reboot on Thursday morning after a few days of cleansing.

Food Diary:

Today: Morning

Breakfast juice: one celery stick, one carrot, one apple, one tangerine, one kale leaf ( I forgot the 1/4 beet this morning)

1 cup coffee - with 2 non-dairy creamers (Irish cream)

- Challenge - Coffee is going to be a tough on for me - I only have 1 cup a day as it is and I like it.

Water - 16.9oz

Lunch: Sandwich

2 pieces to eight grain bread

- Challenge - I like bread and it is inexpensive to make sandwiches for lunch

1 cup of raw spinach

- Bonus - I love raw spinach :)

1 slice of sharp cheddar

- Challenge - I live in Wisconsin - there is cheese on everything!

1 packet of mayo

- Bonus - This I can live without

Bad Snack: Salt and vinegar chips.

I have had these in my desk for a long time but I decided to eat them today. Why you ask? "Because I will not be able to eat them once I start to Re-boot and I hate to waste food"

- Challenge - I lived with out very much money I have a hard time letting food go to waste. This is a tough one for me. I will eat the leftovers that no one else will eat because I hate seeing food go to waste. How do I takle this one when I have to cook for the family and I am juicing???

I will continue with the rest of my day later on.....

Thank you for any support that can be offered

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