Real Change


Real Change

Posted by Mysticjh on 2 years ago

Ugh!!! I've been juicing since March 1st and iv only lost 30lbs. Now before anyone tells me that's soo good "I know I know" Iv been stuck at this weight for a about 3 weeks now. I was hoping for a bit more than that, since I've been drinking lots of water and walking (good for me) And I just don't have the support at home I need and other people seem to have. I'm loosing my motivation fast, and I don't want to. Any encouragement would be nice.

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  • Globan316

    2 years ago

    I know what you mean about no support at home - I'm currently going through something similar! I only started fasting 6 days ago along with my brother, and everyday he's been moaning about the juices.

    I'm very new to all this, but something I always say to my friends and myself when the world isn't going my way is;

    REMEMBER; It won't always be like this

    If you'd ever like to talk let me know :) you'll make it - everything happens for a reason!

  • Mysticjh

    2 years ago

    Thanks, I appreciate that. Tell your brother it's always a hard start. I'm down 50lbs now. Slow and steady wins the race....I guess ????

  • LiveTo120

    2 years ago

    Way to go, Trooper! You stuck in there since March 1. I know what it's like to hit a plateau....plateaus are a matter of the body regrouping and kind of trying to "retire" but you do not have to let can coax them into excitement again by doing a few things that do not tax you. If you want to kick it up a notch, knock the body off it's complacency, do something dramatic to it. This requires energy so gear up for it. One day, just exercise all day long, for example; start out the day with a walk. Then rest, then walk again. Recruit anybody you can to go with you and walk until they get there for a half an hour or an hour, then walk them until they're tired and then walk some more after they're gone. I did that one time and the next day lost a pound. Or try worked for me a couple of times.....get on a treadmill, stairmaster or just on the walking track and run full out for a minute then go slow and steady; then when your breathing calms down again, go full out again for a minute (or a half a minute whatever you can do). Keep in mind that a Tae Kwon Do match is only 2 minutes. Fighters go full out for that amount of time. You can work up to that by doing increments. When you feel like quitting, instead of quitting, just go slow. Then do "fire breath" (that means breathe really fast and hard ) for 15-30 seconds to gear up for your minute or so of going full out and just go. The "fire breath" gives you a leg up with a burst of oxygen for your lungs and blood to sustain you when you go full out. Burning fat is only a matter of running energy through the body and allowing it to take the fuel it wants. Train the body where the fuel is and it will thank you and it will go for the fuel and it will stop making you tired and it will stop wanting to stay stuck. You can do this. You have what it takes.

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