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Posted by David Craig on 3 years ago

I'm on day 4 of juicing mainly veggies 80% fruit 20% plus lots of water. I haven't been for a poo yet. Is this normal?, if not please suggest remedies. Many thanks, Dave.

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  • kjkvtrn

    3 years ago

    Don't know if it is normal, but questions I ask my patients (I am a nurse on a surgical floor) in this situation: what is normal for you? Are you uncomfortable? Are you passing any gas? The suggestion of a cup of hot water with lemon in it every morning is to help with this situation and you might increase the servings of this, although I suppose you could throw a few prunes in your juicer or add some of the fibrous pulp from a juice back in. We make people who want to poo walk, moving the legs helps get the digestive system moving as well. Poo is the unusable parts of the food ingested, so you probably have less drinking juices. However, the body normally produces a couple liters of gas as a by product of digestive enzymes so you should at least be passing gas. If everything is at a standstill, with no gas, can't keep juice down, you are physically uncomfortable or your stomach is bloated then these are signs that are worrisome.

  • ramona

    2 years ago

    Thank you for your post. I've been looking for any comments on this subject because I've had the same experience. It seems like everyone else has immediate results of flushing out the toxins when they start juicing. My system was very productive and regular before I started juicing. Then everything sort of stopped when I started juicing. I was expecting the opposite reaction. I was wondering if it was a side effect of giving up the morning coffee. I think I'm on day ten now, and I've only pooped twice. I tried a cantaloupe-ginger-lemon smoothie one morning. I added ground flax seed to coconut milk one evening. That seemed to help with results the next morning. But I think I'm on day ten now, and I've only pooped twice. I'm not uncomfortable but it's a little disconcerting. I just wonder if I'm missing something. My juices are generally light on the fruit, with an emphasis on greens. I drink lots of water, all day and night long. I walk/run 5K every evening. I will try to add some movement earlier in the day, too. I will be very interested to follow this stream of comments. Again, thank you for posting this "delicate" important subject, and thank you to everyone who weighed-in, with suggestions.

  • Sophie

    2 years ago

    Ramona, like you I had gotten to the point pre-juicing of being regular each morning. That changed when I started juicing, several days would pass between movements. Then RM posted about probiotics. I added a high quality probiotic daily and became regular again. Perhaps this will be helpful to you as well.

  • Martin44

    3 years ago

    It did the same for me at begining put it cleared after few days and now it's normal every 2 to 3 days.

  • LisaD

    3 years ago

    I second that. Normal becomes pretty different when you're on a liquid diet!

  • Vanessa

    3 years ago

    I wondered why I was not making a bowle movement? I guess it makes sense not to if you are not eating the fibers. Thoughts

  • David Craig

    3 years ago

    Thank you for your kind replies. It's morning 5 and things seem back to normal on the stool front; I have always been regular as clockwork so the changes were immediately noticeable. I should have anticipated the changes a juicing diet would make. Thanks again, and I'm sure others will find your replies very useful.

  • Molly

    3 years ago

    There is a wonderful (and tasty) tea called Smooth Move, that you drink before bed and it works wonders overnight. You have to make sure you're getting enough water too, or it won't work as well.

  • Lyndi

    3 years ago

    Magnesium helps.

  • Danmcn61

    2 years ago

    Juice still has soluble fiber so your bowels should still be moving on a regular basis. Give it a few more days and if nothing happens, add a smoothie to your daily routine so that you can keep juicing and also get some cellulose into your system. That should solve the problem.

  • Jnell

    1 year ago

    I am having the same issue just finishing day 10. I just assumed it was normal. Anything that comes out is diaherra or very runny, nothing solid. Is it time to use Senna tea for me?

  • JohnC

    9 months ago

    no poop is good poop

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