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Day 9 and SO tired

Free for All

Posted by StacieDanielle on 5 years ago

Hello! I am on my first juice fast EVER! I just started day 9 and am down 9 lbs. I have not lost any weight the last 2 days but not getting too discouraged about that. I am, however, getting very down about the lack of energy I have. I feel like I could sleep 12 hours at night and still wake up and be tired. I just feel so groggy. Besides weight loss, my reasons for starting the juice fast was to try to get some more energy and help with some chronic pain issues. Pain is manageable now but the fatigue... BLAH! Please give me some advice or let me know your personal stories if they are similar. Some have said that energy might not come until days 15-20.. Just holdin on til then!

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