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Day 9 and it's going downhill

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Posted by MinaMina on 2 months ago

Dear all,

after many many failed attempts, I am finally on track now and currently on day 9.

The first seven days were a breeze except for some bad breath and a coated tongue and an occasional headache here and there.

Yesterday, on day 8, I hit a wall. I had to fight constant cravings, really bad hunger pangs and in the evening, my kidneys started to hurt and I was very nauseated.

This morning, day 9, the nausea is gone but my kidneys still hurt and it doesn't feel as if I am losing any more weight. I didn't step on the scale but the first couple of days I could literally feel the weight melt off.

Has anyone experienced anything similar and what could I do to feel better? I was really hoping that the first few days would be the toughest and not the beginning of week 2 :-(

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Replies To Day 9 and it's going downhill

  • fishface

    2 months ago

    Hello, MinaMina,

    I am on day three of my reboot and I am having the same kidney pains along with some abdominal charley horses. Which is really what the kidney pain feels like. Actually I am having leg cramping too. I have read that the coconut water helps with this so I will be heading to the store to get that tomorrow. I get nauseated when I am really hungry but it usually passes after I have a juice.

    In a nutshell here....we got this....juices on!

  • Tumbleweed

    2 months ago

    day 3 or me, following the 5 day program. So far, it has been good...last night I was hungry so I made some tea and it seem to satisfy me. I have a refrigerator full of veggies and fruit so I plan to stay on it until I feel I can trust myself and eat more vegan. I took the 5 day plan to start but my goal is really 15 or 30 days.each day is a new beginning for a more healthy lifestyle. I started getting a headache today so I drank some coconut water. It's seem to help. I really like this morning Juices, the taste is more enjoyable. I like that the program has a variety. It's nice to read how others are doing here, it gives me encouragement as well as watching the movie again.

  • Jeribee36

    2 months ago

    Just wanted to say congrats on getting so far. I"m on day 1 and day 9 seems like a life-time away. Not much help on the pains I'm afraid.. but just thought I would stop in and say keep going. x

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