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Day 7 - Again

Free for All

Posted by yukon_wn on 6 years ago Hello, Feeling good. Pants are looser. Sitting in my truck driving is no longer uncomfortable because my gut has shrunk. Today, I walked 1/2 mile. A week ago, the thought of walking any distance brought the thought of aching back and getting tired. Now, I walked briskly and didn't even get out of breath. Why did I wait so long to get back to juicing especially when I knew it would make me feel so fantastic. I don't know. Stupid, stupid, stupid. :-( But, I am doing it now. Yeah, me :-) The scale today didn't move lower. No troubles. Tomorrow, I am sure that it will. Yesterday, I juiced mustard greens. I have never had mustard greens before. When I drank my juice, everyone in my truck kept saying it smelled like poop. Yes, it does have a very unpleasant aroma. Tip, don't juice mustard greens. It also left me very gassy. This Thursday, I will start my weight loss group again. It will be nice getting back to the group at approx the same weight the last time that I went. Looking forward to Day 8 and being able to get past Day 11. Day 11, the first time that I did juicing was when I hit the brick wall and everything after that went to hell. Take care and have a good day.

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