Free for All

Day 7

Free for All

Posted by yukon_wn on 3 years ago


I am in day 7 of my reboot. I have done a reboot in the past with great success.

With this reboot, it has been very different with urgency.

One week, ago - I walked to my local market. The lower back pain was horrible.

When I got to the market, I went into the restrooms as an excuse because my lower back was killing me.

On the way back, I had to sit on the ground in order to continue to walk home. Embarrased.

Now, a week later with juicing. OMG it is so much better. I still take a little aspirin but I am able to do so much more without the pain. !!!!!

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Replies To Day 7

  • Let It Go

    3 years ago

    Awesome job your on your way!!!!!

  • D'LiteFull

    3 years ago

    I know what you mean. I had pain in my legs every time I walked. I just started juicing today with the 5 day reboot, but even in preparation last week I would have a juice a day and I already noticed my pain going away. I'm looking forward to painfree walking.

  • Plant strong Mom

    3 years ago

    That is awesome! I'm starting my 3rd reboot tomorrow. I have also had lower back pain lately. I tried to go on my three mile walk, and my lower back hurt so badly I had to stop multiple times. I remember from past reboots that my back pain went away. Especially as the weight came off. So looking forward to that. Keep up the good work! It will just continue to get better!!

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