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Day 6 - struggling soooo much now

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Posted by Tejui on 3 years ago

Day 6 yesterday and didn't do very well.

I got home from work and my daughter and I sat down to watch TV and instinct was to get the junk munchies. I resisted and instead went into the kitchen and glugged the green juice prepared earlier. That's the one juice I really struggle with. It still taste yuk to me so it's like taking medicine, drink it and not think about taste.

Then my daughter opened a BIG bag of sweet chilli Sensations crisps (my fav) ...arrggghhh!!! I resisted.

Then she munched through a large pretzel. I resisted.

When she eventually sat with a bowl of freshly chopped melon, pineapple and nectarine (that I had prepared in the morning for her) I buckled.

I wanted to juice it for myself, but it looked too delicious and the urge to chew was overwhelming. I took one bite of the white flesh nectarine and it was sooooo sweet and juicy...and the rest is history. Went to bed feeling very guilty and wanting to give up.

This morning is Day 7 and accepting yesterday happened and deciding that after reading the stories from others on here, it's time to get up and straddle myself back into the wagon and stick to juice all day.

I'm working from home today so will be spared the office 'junk munchers' I have to contend with on a daily basis, and my daughter is going away this afternoon for the weekend, so no temptations from her end.

Time to get the hot lemon drink and think positive thoughts.

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  • Soozz

    3 years ago

    This is my fear, the temptation around the house from the kids and husband. I am only starting my reboot today and so far so good. It sounds like you are doing really well, keep up the good work!

  • Tejui

    3 years ago

    Hey Soozz, I have loads of mental struggles with the whole concept of not eating, and just drinking juices. But it does get easier (says I with last nights lapse) because ordinarily those crisps would have been murdered along with choccie biscuits and sweet popcorn. So from that perspective, I did fantastic. This is what I have to keep reminding myself.

    I know reading other people's stories here of their struggles and their continued efforts helps to remind me of why and re-focus on my end goal.

    I've just collected the various books on juicing recipes I ordered to give myself a bit more variety. To me that is probably more important now as each one is effectively replacing a main meal. I don't want to feel like I am missing out and having to drink something to replace a tasty meal for a yukky drink. That's just soul destroying when those around me are enjoying their food.

    I'm hoping with the choices I have now, it will keep me more motivated to stick with it.

  • Soozz

    3 years ago


    Yes, don't beat yourself up, you are doing great hope I can same the same after 6 days. I am off to buy fruit and veg this afternoon to inspire my tastebuds.

    Take care and happy juicing.

  • Tejui

    3 years ago

    Today is day 8 and although I'm tempted to weigh myself I traditional weigh myself on Sunday, so will stick to that.

    I was a complete angel yesterday as I was working at home with no-one to derail me. Very pleased with myself. I had a friend over for coffee and made him a latte and opened a box of chocolates. Both my most fav combination of snacks. But I resisted and had a glass of coconut water instead.

    I have to admit making juice and having it straight away is tastier than after 4-6 hrs. Maybe it just psychological.

    Got this weekend to myself so should be easier to stay on track. Taking each day as it comes and allow myself a little cheat with a piece of fruit or veg to munch if I feel my willpower is struggling.

  • NicoleVM

    3 years ago

    You're doing great, Tejui! I love the advice to take each day as it comes, thank you!!

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