Group Reboots


Group Reboots

Posted by Doornail on 5 months ago

After worrying.. After being fearful.. That starting a reboot would be to hard, horrible and a waste of time... Its day 3 feel great! Still get tired but generally feel brand new.. Was in a pretty bad cycle.. Use to drink alcohol junk.. 251lbs... I haven't had alcohol or cheated with food (which I thought I might do) since starting my juice reboot... I'm alcohol junk food free and now 246lbs! And it's only day 3! Bring it on!

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  • 4fasting

    5 months ago three, you have made it past the dreaded first three days. Good effort!

  • Doornail

    5 months ago

    Thank you thank you thank you!

  • Soose

    5 months ago

    Way To Go, Doornail!! You can do this!

    I saw a post in "recent activity" but can't make the page load.... If you get hungry, drink more juice or soup broth.

    Another thing that has helped me get past is to buy a 2 liter of soda / seltzer water and add ginger root juice and stevia to make my own gingerale. You can add lemon as flavoring or if you want, some berry puree. Makes a nice gingerale. Just do it all to taste. I started with using a garlic press for the small piece of ginger root, but now, I juice a whole big root and have a bottle of ginger root juice in the fridge ready to add. I was told by someone here that the soda water will help with bloating the stomach and keeping the body from producing the hormone that triggers hunger -- ghrelin or something like that, they called it? I just know the ginger ale (homemade) can get me by a tough spot.

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