Free for All

Day 27 - Goal 60

Free for All

Posted by yukon_wn on 6 years ago Hello, Down another 1 LB, today for a total loss of 31 1/2 LBS :-) Today, the juice just wasn't enough for me. It was not cravings for bad stuff, it just seemed that my body needed more nutrients and especially Food. I didn't go crazy on ribs, jerky, cheese or beer. I chowed on veggies and fruit. I enjoyed jimica, steamed cauliflower, kale, carrots, strawberries and blueberries. This seemed to do my body good and it seemed to satisfy what was missing. I felt very good afterwards. It sounds funny - Chowed on veggies and fruit. LOL I know that I may not loose weight in the moring, although with my food choices, I know that I am not going to gain ! Today, I didn't walk. Got to give it a rest during the week for one day. I hope everyone has a good day tomorrow and you are able to achieve what you intended when you first started juicing.

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