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Day 22 - Goal 60 days

Free for All

Posted by yukon_wn on 6 years ago Hello, I didn't feel lighter this morning but I put 1 1/2 LBS Less of pressure on the scale. For a total loss of 25 1/2 LBS. I felt good today, better then yesterday but I am still looking for the over-the-top energy and the feeling euphoria back. I was able to get my walk in today and that felt good. I did 1 1/4 miles. By the time that I got home from work, I didn't have to cook for my family. That was taken care of already :-) No temptation to deal with ! I am begining to become tired of the juices but still have have 100% commitment to my journey. Even with my nightly steamed veggie that I have, I need something to shake it up. Huh, did someone say Shake ? Like a strawberry shake ? Yeah, right - get real. LOL Let's see what tomorrow brings. Take care and I wish everyone good juicing.......

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  • cwe0001

    6 years ago
    Hey Brian, I completed my 60 day Juice fast in March of 2012. I too grew extremely tired of the lack of variety. I added a daily glass of warm green tea to shake it up. When you hit that 60 day mark you will feel so much better then you do even today. And today I am sure you feel much better then you did 3 weeks ago. COngratulations on your success thus far. Keep it up. Chris

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