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day 2 of my 60 day fast

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Posted by Vohir on 10 months ago

Hello all!

So im halfway through day 2 so far and i decided i needed to go for 60 days. And i have my mind set on doing it, and to change my way of life after the reboot is done. I have allot of resons why i need to do this. Mainly is that i whanna be arround and be active for my son as he grows up. since 2015 ive been in severe back pains and went through 1 major surgery for it, but then as i started to get back on track i fell down a roof top and now im back in back pain if that makes sence.

So during the past years i havent been able to move or train as im used to and its just now as im starting this reboot ive goten the will to accualy change my life.

So allot of junk food was my downfall i need to get in shape to lessen the strain on my back so i can get back on track.

I dont smoke or drink alcohol and i dont drink coffe. But i do take quite allot of mophine for the pain in my back.

So what im looking for is more insperatoion and i whanna hear your experiences. How long have you been juicing how does it work for you and any tips for a newbie?

Best reguards


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