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Day 2 - Again

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Posted by yukon_wn on 6 years ago Hello, Day 2 - again. It is going very well. This is my second attempt for the 15 day plan. Before, I crashed and burned on day 11. On Day - 1, I switched to just drinking water or water with Lemon. On Day 0, I just ate Veggies for all my meals. On Day 1, I started juicing with Salads and fruits. Today, I feel good. I feel enthusiastic and I even have a bounce in my step. I have not felt this way for a very long time. Why do we except feeling bad, except the aching back, except a lack of energy and tolerate little enthusiasm ? Stupid, stupid, stupid. Enough of that ! I am looking forward to Day 3 with continued success.

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  • Sunshinysmile

    6 years ago
    Hey Brian this is my day 3 again...last time I only made it through day 4. I found a better tasting green juice, or maybe I should just get used to the mean green. I am doing juice only. I am doing the reboot to lose weight and I have quite a ways to go. Good luck to you!

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