Free for All

Day 17 - Goal 60 days

Free for All

Posted by yukon_wn on 6 years ago Hello, The scale is still being kind to me. Another 1 LB for a total of 22 LBS :-) At work, I walked over a mile, again. I am really getting into this walking thing. Feels great. Tonight, was my weight lost class. I really like going to this class, now because I know that I will loose weight each week. At class, I thought for sure that I would be weekly best looser with a weight lost of 5.5 LBS for the week. Nope, this lady in my group lost 6 LBS. I knew that I should have worn my sweat pants instead of my heavy blue jeans. Oh well. I am happy for her. Another lady in the group lost 5 LBS. I am sure that she was thinking she was the best looser, also. For dinner, I had steamed mushrooms and squash with the my juice. I need to start grilling these, again. They taste so much better on the grill. Although, with temperatures in the single digits, its cold out there :-O I am looking forward to tomorrow and enjoying the energy, great mood and better health. Juicing has not only began to change me physically, it has helped me be a better person, father and husband. Take care and I hope that you too can have the some benefits from juicing that I have had......

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