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Day 14 - Goal 60 days

Free for All

Posted by yukon_wn on 6 years ago Hello, Today, went well. I got up early and was totally rested. Started off with 1/2 lb loss for a total of 18 lbs :-) With the energy and enthusiasm that I have - I cleaned my refrigerator, added a shelf to the pantry, fixed a broken draw, organized a cupboard and two drawers, went through the myriad batteries that I have in order to remove the bad ones and made my kids and wife omelets for breakfast. Today, was a good day off of work. Before a day off would have went something like this: Get up at noon, my wife would have already have given the kids lunch, watch TV, surf the net, perhaps take the kids someone to play and at night - make dinner for the family. Wow, what a difference two weeks have made. For my juicing, I have decided to focus more on the green juices. This evening, I was hungry and had a slight headache. This is the first headache that I have had, since I have started to juice. By taking a little of the juice that I had prepared for tomorrow and some apple, I was able to rid myself of the headache and abate the huger. Take care and I wish everyone a great day juicing, tomorrow.

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