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Day 12 lost 11.8 lbs to date and Feel Great!!

Group Reboots

Posted by BobCas on 4 months ago

It's day 12, I've lost 11.8 lbs so far and feel great. I'm doing a mix of juicing, smoothies and eating raw fruit and veggies ( I watched the video carefully and Joe says it's ok to juice or eat the fruit and veggies). I originally planned to do a 60 day reboot, but I'm thinking of making this a permanent lifestyle change.

Take Care,

Bob C

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Replies To Day 12 lost 11.8 lbs to date and Feel Great!!

  • KiwiGirl

    4 months ago

    Day 12 is amazing. Smooth (ha) sailing fro here. I did 36 JO days last year and eventually went back to old habits. Started JO 1 June and was still 2kilos less than last start, so didn't feel TOO disheartened. I lost 10kilos in the first 12 days (actually I was losing faster than my first reboot - that surprised me) Keep it up, after a few days it's much easier (and I still cook for my husband). I think visualising (and small weight goals) help a lot. Even after 10kg (I started at 90, want to go to the 70's) I don't notice clothes fitting that differently, but apparently everyone else can. So, don't feeldisheartened when the scales stay the same for a few days. I d read before (and believe it) sometimes the scale and tape measure take a minute to catch up! Juice On!

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