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Day 10 of 30..

Reboot Newbies

Posted by kiwijuicer66 on 5 years ago

Day 10 today and I'm feeling great! Thought it may help a few other newbies if I describe how it's been for me. I'm a 47 yo female, 5ft 7 with 35 pounds to loose.

Day 1 was ok,

Days 2-4 I had diarrhea so stayed home and near the bathroom.

Day 3 was my worst day. I stayed in bed most of it. Being kind to m,yself helped a lot. I allowed myself plenty of rest and just slept if I was tired, (which I was).

Day 5 the constant cravings subsided, (was KD Lang singing about a reboot)? ;oP

Day 6-10 feeling better each new day. SO much energy! I'm waking 6am bright as a button, pre reboot I'd be dragging my aching body out of bed 7:30am

I've lost 13 pounds so far, my 'çarb baby' has almost disappeared. My mood has really lifted and I feel really optimistic about life in general. I feel really clean on the inside :o)

If you're struggling please know that it gets so much better...this is the start of a new way of being, a healthy life!

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  • James3067

    5 years ago

    Your doing fantastic. I am on day 5 and all is well. I have had the wife take a picture each day of this journey and I name it like this Jan 4th, 2014 200.9 pounds that way I track each day by the scale and in pictures. When done I should have a pretty neat slideshow. I have 23 days to go on this FIRST OF MANY Reboots. I never knew that eating right could heal the body but I am living proof (and so are you). Juice ON!!

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