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Day 10-Fighting my Genes

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Posted by Geek_Runner on 4 months ago

So I am at day 10 and managed to stick to juice and even managed a run each day (not wholly willpower- my amazing wife bolstered me every day). Down 11 pounds and BP has dropped about 5 points, at least the lower number has. The top number (systolic) won't budge. Tomorrow I transition to a veggie based diet to hopefully continue dropping my BP. I'm considering adding a meditation practice. I've tried meditation in the past but mostly feel like I am just sitting there looking a bit ridiculous, but the research I've read says it can help. One article I recall said that it is actually those most resistant to the practice who can ultimately benefit the most. Hope that is true.

I may have to come to terms with my genetics and start the BP meds my doctor has prescribed. My family on both my Ma and Da's side suffer almost universally from obesity, high BP, kidney disease, heart disease, diabetes, and stroke. My dad went on BP meds at 30, so I feel blessed that I've made it to 50. That said, I am going to try to fight this with lifestyle changes.

The juice fast was tough, so my empathy and my congrats to everyone who is attempting it. I am humbled by those I see doing 30 and 60 days. You are my heroes.

Tomorrow starts my transition to my new veggie based diet. I plan on continuing to juice (two per day). I know this is going to be the tougher part, because this isn't 10 days, this needs to be long term. I am, to put it mildly, a foodie who loves to cook (and EAT). My plan is to take GOOD cooking techniques (stocks, braising, etc.) and turn those to veggies. My first attempt will be to create a truly great veggie stock (as a base for other stews, braises, etc.).

To those starting, continuing, or restarting a reboot, as Joe says- Good on YOU!


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