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day 10

Group Reboots

Posted by dede729 on 5 years ago

my weightloss stalled in my opinion, i weighed in on today day 10. I actually gained .2 of a pound.. i started 10 days ago at 250 pound at last weigh in 237.2. I had 2 days of no food due to flu. I did drink a little 7up over the 2 days of no juice. Yesterday i was able to drink juice on yesterday but didn't drink enough water. I am following Jonathan's advice and will do this everyday. I also didn't get but 1, and half hour sleep in a 26 hour period drank 3 cups of ginger lemon tea and 1 peppermint tea. Not bummmed out too bad but i am in it to win. On a good note my body looks like i lost 20 pounds.

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  • Baggs

    5 years ago

    Hi dede,

    Hope you are feeling better ! Congrats on the weight loss & don't loose heart !! I'm just starting my Reboot tomorrow, March 03/14. I appreciate your enthusiasm and outlook toward your journey !!!

    Regards ... Allen aka Baggs

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