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Free for All

Posted by CNB4 on 6 years ago This is my first day. I watched the documentary a couple days ago with my mom and decided I would do a juice fast. I fast for spiritual reasons anyway, so may as well juice. I did not think I would do it this early however. After having a migraine for 2 days I decided to juice for dinner instead of going for my mom's quinoa chili concoction she was preparing. I really wanted her chili, but decided I needed to detox instead. I've detoxed before, from an addiction to Lexapro, and I'm hoping this is no where near as bad as that was. It lasted a whole month, but I did it. Now I'm off topic. Does this detox have any affect on ADD? The good news: seriously less than 5 minutes after I had my first few gulps of the mean green juice my head pain drastically decreased and my nausea was gone. The room was still spinning and bright lights and loud noises were just as obnoxious, but within an hour of finishing the juice my migraine was totally gone. I survived 1.5 hours with the kids at church and it didn't even bother me! I'm not sure if this is normal since my migraines are brought on by reactions to food allergies and sensitivities, but it was great! I'll definitely be making some juice if I ever come across hidden allergens again (milk and gluten).

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  • gogreenstaylean

    6 years ago
    I'm not sure about the effects of juicing on ADD, but I do know that my migraines have been less and less frequent as I've continued on my juice fast. The first four days my head was killing me as I was weaning myself off caffeine but since then it's been few and fat in between! Congrats on your first day, it gets much easier after the first 3 days! Happy juicing! __________________________________________________________________________________ Follow my juice fast blog at:

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