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Crunchy Cranky Cravings?

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Posted by HeftyHeifer on 5 years ago

(NOTE! Repost, because I'm a noob and accidentally posted this in the wrong board. ;u; Pfft.)

Hi, I'm very new to the juicing board...actually, I'm quite new to juicing in general.
This whole juicing journey began a few days ago for me (Day Four on a juice fast with one 'slip up' on day two. OOOH SUSHI I love, yet despise you.) and began weeks ago for my mother. My mom is quite a 'natural remedy' woman and when she saw the juicing Joe Cross movie thingy on netflix, she was inspired to try the same. My father and I are overweight, so we joined in too, knowing full well the horror stories of the dreaded THIRD DAY and cravings.



Dear Lord above, if I don't have some peanut butter in my system, I feel like garbage. My life for the past few months consist of a peanut butter sandwich on white for lunch every day. The sudden crash landing from the high flying, yet slowly dying eat whatever I like flight has turned sour today, and yesterday. Yesterday more so than today, but still.

I got teary eyed when I saw a jar of chunky peanut butter on the counter.
I contemplated stealing a peanut butter sandwich crust from my younger sib's leftover lunch.
I have even thought about finding a way to smooth over the top layer of peanut butter in the jar so I could sneakily eat...oh, say about twenty tablespoons?

I'm going through a serious craving spree, and I'd just like to know What are your cravings, and how do you get through the temptations?

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  • Josseo

    5 years ago

    I find that often if I get busy with something I actually forget about my cravings. If that seems impossible

    than I would just have some peanut butter and have less tomorrow. That way you still get to have a little bit and don't go crazy and eat the whole jar (something I would do!) Just keep decreasing the amount. Good Luck.

  • Nikita43

    5 years ago

    I've been having cravings for everything from the homemade vegetable soup that I make to Indian food. I'd love some saag tofu for lunch with saffron rice. Mostly I just miss biting into food. But its not that I'll never eat again...I'm just not eating right now. And truthfully, if I look at any food...I can remember the taste of it since I've eaten so much of it in the past. This is definitely tougher than most diets but I know that I can do it. Two more weeks....

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