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Free for All

Posted by Mommyof4NYC on 2 months ago

Hi, Today is day 1 of my reboot. Im trying to aim for the 60 days, but one step at a time. I received my juicer and ordered the protein. I don't have the book yet till Friday. I downloaded a Kindle version but the break up is so confusing to me. So, for the 30 day juicing. I need a step by step juicing plan. For example, this is what I already had.

Day 1

Hot lemon water

Orange, Apple, Carrot juice

Water with lemon

Kale, Wheatgrass, celery, apple, cucumber, orange, spinach

Coconut water

Now what?...

I purchased 20 apples, 34 carrots, etc.. whatever was on that shopping list. I just don't see the recipes following the list. Please help.

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  • datjuicedo

    2 months ago

    Sorry if this is a double post, replied but it said it lost connection while uploading. Anyway, congrats on making a positive change. This really helped me make a schedule and keep to it, as well as break down what I needed to buy for each day. So you're shooting for 5 juices a day. Some recipes make 2 servings and some only 1. But this helped me visualize my day:

  • Anthony

    1 month ago

    Good luck. I just throw a handful of the first vegetable I find in the fridge. Sometimes my crazy combinations taste good, other times, not so. I generally try to combine the vegetables that have higher water content than those that don't, such as cucumber, celery, carrots,etc. I make enough juice for two servings (one to drink and one for the next "meal"). I use the recepies as a simple guide and it works for me.

  • kojiiko

    1 month ago

    DOnt just wing it. Im only on Day 5 and I wing a GO green. It was so horrible, instead of throwing it away I held my nose and dranked it down. Nearly came back up lol

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