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cold hands

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Posted by Piwacket on 5 years ago

Hi, I have had problems with freezing hands for many years and was wondering if there is any juice, veggie or fruit combo that might help this condition. It may be Raynauds Syndrome. My hands will get white, then dark and then return to normal. Sometimes this can happen by just handling cold stuff from the fridge. Any suggestions would be appreciated especially this frigid winter in the Midwest. Thank you

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  • James3067

    5 years ago

    Hope a nutritionist comes along and helps you. When I reboot my hands are ice cold. At least for the few minutes I drink the herbal tea my hands felt better but that was maybe for 10 minutes then icy hands again. Oh Nutritionist where are you ? LOL

  • Wally

    5 years ago

    Ginger, Turmeric and Garlic should boost circulation. I have cold hands too but I'm on beta blockers. It's normal to feel cold dieting anyway. What we are doing is extreme.

  • Josie

    5 years ago

    Hi Piwacket,

    Great question! Cold hands/feet are often a symptom associated with Rebooting. Some Rebooters try to tackle this problem by slightly warming their juices, drinking hot herbal tea and hot vegetable broth. What Wally suggested is also great- ginger, turmeric and garlic will help with circulation.

    All the best and I hope your hands feel better soon!

    Josie @ Reboot Nutritionist Team.

  • Piwacket

    5 years ago

    Thanks everyone for the suggestions and help I appreciate it.

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