Coffee or not!!


Posted by Pounder on 2 years ago

Just started juicing today. My plan is to juice for breakfast and lunch and eat a reasonable dinner (chicken and salad). Here's my question....is coffee okay to drink? Or should I get off of it all together?

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  • Lejuteux012

    2 years ago

    My goal is health, weight loss of corse ( 75 pouds plus) and my small espresso a day is being nice to my self as not eliminating everithing . It will be more in the mind. I do not drink mutch coffe 1 cup( double espresso) a day max. So my small espresso is a indugence. I wil have one per day when I feel the crunch of the 60 day reboot to start next month ( febuary). That is one of my chalenges; love the taste. Sure high amounts of caffine are detramental to your health. So like the cardiologist in "Fat, Sick and Nerly Dead 2" said : moderation !!!

  • Roaster42

    2 years ago

    I am a coffee roaster, by way of a trade. So, 'drinking' coffee is a part of my work. I was able to go from 320-270 last year on a 30 day with making NO changes to my coffee consumption. That being said "I" am probably geared more towards caffeine consumption than most people.

    After year of returning to 'normal' eating and simply replacing my work meals with juices (SOOO much easier to plan for and time management) I went from 270 to just about 275ish. I am about a week into another 30 day with a 240 goal. I agree, moderation. I drink quite a bit, or 'taste' quite a bit daily.

    I just wanted to chime in against the hardline so many have had about coffee, of course that is BLACK, no cream, no sugar

  • Spindrift

    2 years ago

    I have been drinking roasted Dandelion root coffee which is caffeine free AND has heaps of benefits such as cleansing the liver. It sounds disgusting but honestly it tastes like a rich roast coffee. I have mine with a teaspoon of honey as it does have a slight aftertaste which isn't noticeable with the honey added. I also have Dandelion leaf tea and that is also caffeine free with all the health benefits and is delicious if left in the fridge and drunk cold, but if you miss coffee on detox, I would try the Dandelion root coffee (not the bags with added chicory, you need the roasted root on its own)

  • WalterDuke

    1 year ago

    Not at all.

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