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Coconut water headache

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Posted by Aerised on 3 years ago

Hello everyone. Am new and just started my transition-in week. I bought coconut water to try as I've never had it before. I figured I'd try it.

About 20 mintues after drinking it I got a huge headache. Didn't think too much of it. Thought maybe I was just tired. The second time I tried it and a different brand even, I got a huge headache again. Took some motrin and rested but it was bad. Then i tried another brand and the same thing happened. All brands were organic, no extra ingredients, and one was even in a glass bottle, which was supposed to be one of the best coconut waters available. I did some research and it seems some people get headaches from coconut water but I can't find any explanations of why this would happen.

At this point I have decided that I can't have coconut water while on reboot, or any other for that matter, and probably won't be having any coconut based products either. I have seen the substitions list on this web site as well.

I was wondering three things:

1. Does anyone know why coconut water can induce headaches in some people?

2. Which substitutes have worked well for others?

3. Will refraining from drinking coconut water have a negative impact on reboot for weight loss goals?

Thank you.

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Replies To Coconut water headache

  • Aerised

    3 years ago

    Also, I apologize. Am typing from my phone and thought the reboot newbies forum had loaded. Didn't notice until after I posted my questions it saved on wrong thread.

  • Pen Dechosen

    8 months ago

    I suppose it's the high amount of potassium in coconut water. I got headache from drinking 1 litre of coconut water as well after a workout which I had never had for years. I assume the high levels of blood potassium caused blood vessels to constrict in the head and thus the pain and pressure. Some mild hyperkalemia symtoms going on.

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