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Posted by Vivi-B on 4 months ago

I have just joined the group today! I am planning on starting my Reboot this Friday June 16th, I have started having a juice every day to get used to it. I see that Coconut water is on the menu, so I bought some to try today. I absolutely HATE it! Which is a surprise to me because I really like coconut. Can you just drink plain water instead, or is the coconut juice necessary? Suggestions or Input anyone?



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  • JuicyChef

    4 months ago

    Hi Vivi-B!

    From everything that I've read in the book and on this sight, the coconut water has a lot of benefits so I figured it is worth trying to drink it. I have found that it does give me a real boost over the large amounts of water that I am already drinking. I'm on day 19 and will continue with the coconut water as long as I am on juice only.

    I also (surprisingly) do not like the taste of the coconut water. I muddle (mash up) a half of lime with about 8-10 mint leaves, or to taste, in the bottom of a glass and pour the coconut water over.I let it set a few minutes to absorb the flavors. I have found that instead of a chore, it is an enjoyable addition to juicing. As an additional bonus, it looks like you're drinking a Mojito! LOL!!!

    Hope that helps!

  • Zootal

    4 months ago

    The electrolytes in coconut water are not balanced, and as with juice, it does not have much sodium. This is OK for most people that eat way too much salt, but for a reboot, we need more sodium than juice or coconut water gives us.

    But aside from that , do as Juicy does, you squeeze a lime into the glass and add a few ice cubes, it makes a *huge* difference.

    Also, get a good brand, as not all coconut waters are the same. Avoid any with added ingredients.

    I haven't tried it with mint, I should, I have an overgrowth of mint in my garden. I bet it is really good with mint!

  • jtellez

    4 months ago

    With the extended juice fasts I add a plant based protein powder to my coconut juice and blend. It's really smooth and gets rid of the gross coconut water taste.

  • [...]

    4 months ago

    My first try of coconut water wasn't pleasant either and it tasted off to me. I'd suggest trying several brands. being a natural product, even different batches of the same brand can taste different. I now love it and find it a refreshing change from juice. You can also buy flavoured varieties- with watermelon, mango, pineapple & even chocolate etc. I recently tried cactus water. I'm not sure how it compares nutritionally, but its worth a try.

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  • Vivi-B

    3 months ago

    Thanks everyone! I didn't start a reboot yet as planned; but have signed up to do a guided reboot for diabetes. Thanks for all the input. I will give it another try.!

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