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Coconut kefir during juice fast

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Posted by NSreboot on 4 months ago


I'm on day 10 of a reboot, and wondering if I should be adding probiotics into my daily intake.

I have been taking a Coconut kefir with 300 billion bacteria for years now off and on (when I can afford it) and find it helps the as of yet undiagnosed issue with my lower left abdomen, which I am gonna guess is my colon, possibly diverticulitis.

The doctors can't find the problem, so I'm taking it upon myself to try to fix it this way. They outright told me they cannot help me with my multiple conditions.

Should I take the Coconut kefir while on a juice fat, or keep it just juice?

Is there anything in particular I can add to my juice to help my gut pain? I put plenty of raw tumeric root in my juice daily. Hopefully my colon is nice and yellow now like my fingers are, lol.

I know coconut water has helped me in the past when I get leg and foot cramps at night during a reboot, so I'm guessing the coconut itself is ok.

Thanks in advance!


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  • Claire Georgiou - ND

    3 months ago

    Hello NSReboot,

    You can add in slippery elm and L-Glutamine and even Aloe Vera to ease digestive distress and discomfort.

    Taking a coconut water kefir is usually what I recommend during the Reboot to keep within the guidelines or take a probiotic supplement is also advisable for some individuals.

    Seeing a Naturopath might also be a good option to help the healing of the bowel and digestive tract!

    Please let me know if you have any further questions!

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