Can you drink Beer when juicing.


Posted by Jaszmeg05 on 2 years ago

I'm going to start juicing on Sunday, shooting for 60 days. Well at the end of the month I have a party to attend and I was wondering if I had a beer or two if it would really hurt my juicing. Some people say it wont do anything and others say it will make you really sick.

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  • Zootal

    2 years ago

    The purist says don't do it because you adding "empty" calories and toxins and making your liver work, etc. etc.

    I very seriously doubt it would hurt a bit, but you would be drinking them on an empty stomach. Might not be a good idea, especially if you are driving. If you are eating food with it, the solid food with the beer might upset your stomach and make you sick. It's really hard to tell for sure, some people might get sick, others might be fine.

    Take it for a test run. Have a couple of beers at home and see what happens. Just don't make it a habit because the calories can add up fast.

  • Rebecca

    2 years ago

    Honestly, since you don't know how you're going to react, I'd give it a trial run a couple of days ahead of time. This isn't based on the program, but you don't want to get there and have a bad reaction.

  • JohnC

    10 months ago

    How did drinking the beer go? I so want one and need to know what it did to you...

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