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Can juice fasting affect the menstral cycle?

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Posted by kdking on 6 years ago I'm on dy 10 of 30, juice only an late. I'm wondering if juice fasting can affect the menstral cycle.

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  • SirenDestiny

    6 years ago
    It made me start early which is odd since I am on the pill and it has been regulated for years. I say wait a day or so and if not then call your doctor just to be safe.
  • Isreal613

    6 years ago
    I know of a woman who had Polycystic ovaries syndrome and she did not get her cycle at all without meds. She did a juicing diet but added also some herbs that a herb store provided to her. As a result she got her menstrual cycle bake running.
  • marinade28

    6 years ago
    I am on day 8 of 10 and had a very short cycle which is odd since its usually a whole week :/
  • Claire Georgiou - ND

    6 years ago
    Hi, Yes a reboot detox can affect the menstrual cycle. There are women posting this question on the forums asking the same question. Your cycle will normalise as your continue the fast and return to a high plant based diet.
  • gabber

    5 years ago
    So glad I saw this thread- I was quite worried, as my cycle was early too!
  • Delde

    5 years ago

    any side effects of juicing during your cycle? I'm only on day 2 buy I don't know if my body is lacking iron or detoxing.

  • lisey

    3 years ago

    Hi- I have PCOS and for the past six months my period has been irregular or non existent. On the 4th day of juice, my cycle was given a jump start. Juicing reboots everything, it seems.

  • Laura

    3 years ago

    I'm on day 2 of my first reboot and got my period today a week early Quite the surprise

  • nickandkatie

    1 year ago

    so happy to find info on this online. I know this thread is old but posting for ladies who may be searching this now.

    I started my period on day 6 of juice fast, I wasn't expecting it for another 4 days so it came early which is odd for me. It smelt like nothing. No smell at all. May be TMI but usually I can smell a strong iron and copper blood smell to it.

    All my symptoms have been as per usual. I usually have pretty bad cramps they have stayed the same and periods are normally pretty heavy that's stayed the same too.

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