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Bug With Notifications?

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Posted by ssouthar on 3 years ago

I love this site. It's so well done and such an important venue for all of us on a juice fast and those of us no longer on one but keeping up with others and offering cheer or support. One thing that is driving me crazy though is the notifications. I'll come in and it will tell me I have a certain number. If I click on it, it will show me the list of all the messages where there are replies etc. All good so far. Now... if I click on any of those discussions, when I come back, it tells me I have no notifications and I have no way to get back to the page I was on. I've actually taken to launching a second browser session on that page so that I can refer back to it without losing the info. There has GOT to be a better way. Is anyone else seeing that browser behavior. It does it both in Chrome and Firefox but I've not yet tested in others. My only other option is to do a screenshot or take picture with phone before clicking to go the a message. Whaaa!! <grin>

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