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Posted by Piwacket on 5 years ago

FYI I've been cleaning the Breville after each juice, hot water, brush, soap, etc. Today I noticed that the screen/blade has a small lip on the outside and there was all kind of stuff dried up under that lip :( Be sure to check this area for hiding pulp. Day 3 almost done, doing great, looks like today will be first day I will need to drink all my juices (first day I am actually a little hungry). I made Garden Variety today - not a fan, I'm thinking the odd under flavor is the parsley. Also made Crazy for Cranberries and love that. Tomorrow morning will be the final test - I'll get on the scale to see if any weight was removed, I like to use the term "removed" because usually when you lose something you find it again. I think I will extend the juicing a few more days, maybe to the end of the week. Temperatures hit a high of 7 degrees, felt like a heat wave.

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  • turet

    5 years ago

    I have a different Breville model and I noticed the same thing. The blades must be the same. I just took and paring knife and dug the grunge out of the lip. I think I'll also apply some Qtips when I get a chance.

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