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Beginnings... Again

Real Change

Posted by Bopaluma on 4 years ago

I have started juicing twice and have reverted to old habits. I am going to try again, I have a older juicer that doesn't juice leaves (just shreds them like confetti) and a new juicer isn't an option at this moment. Using the 80 veg / 20 fruit rule what can I use instead of kale for a mean green juice?

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  • Jennifer

    4 years ago

    HI, I use spinach instead of kale or romaine lettuce. Parsley and corriander are dark green and leafy too. It takes time to break habits and after a 60 day fast I was ready to follow a plant based diet...I like the recipes on here and I bought Dr Joel Fuhrman's books Eat To Live and his recipe book, he is the Dr in the first film. I think you do really need leaves as they have the most nutrition and you get different nutrients in different colours.

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