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Beginning Day 10 and 3rd day with no weight loss

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Posted by Vmoore845 on 8 months ago

I started my reboot on January 2nd and have lost 1 pound per day, however I have not lost anything since day 8 and I am very discouraged. My really rough day was the 5th day and I had to drink a protein drink and take a couple of vitamins but managed to get through the day. Day 7 I ate 3 egg whites for dinner and my stomach decided that was not a good idea, good thing I ate them at night. I took some Imodium and was good yesterday. I had vegetable broth for dinner last night and a couple of saltine crackers. Other than the foods just mentioned I have only had veggie and fruit juice. I drink between 2 and 3 18 oz bottles of juice. I do try to keep my ratios as suggested veggie/fruits and have added coconut water for the extra electrolytes.

I too have some type of allergic rash, not quite as bad as Joe, but it has been in the same spot for over 8 years, I have had biopsies and been using anti-itch creams ever since with no relief. Currently, I am using a liquid prednisone topically, and that works a little. So my primary motivation for the reboot is health and secondary is to lose 35-40 pounds so I can eventually start excercising again. I do work at a desk job so I am sedentary most of the time.

With all that history - does anyone have any suggestions or know why I have stopped dropping the weight? It is hard starving most of the time walking past doughnuts at the office and all the goodies I love and then not even have the extra benefit of losing weight.

Thank you for taking the time to read my story and help me.

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