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Beets in 10-day plan

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Posted by huskereurocat on 3 years ago

I noticed that there are no beets in the shopping list for days 1-5. Is that becuase they are not recommended for the first 5 days or is that the way the plan just happens to be. Some of the red juices require beets so I was curious to know if they are recommended the first 5 days?

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  • Zootal

    3 years ago

    Not everyone likes beets, as beet juice can be quite strong. And if the beets are not fresh, the juice can be quite bitter. Beet juice will stain almost anything. And I hope this isn't TMI, but it comes out just as bright red as it goes in.

    If you have access to good fresh beets, try a quarter of a beet in your juice. Peel it first as the skin can be bitter. See how you like it. Beet juice gives a sweet earthy flavor to juice and is quiet tasty. Plus it makes your juice a very beautiful bright red color. If you like it, try a half beet. I personally won't use more than a half a beet in any juice serving.

  • huskereurocat

    3 years ago

    TY, I'm not a beet lover but my wife is. Don't worry about the TMI, I can take it!:-)

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