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beet juice issues

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Posted by WhosUrMommy on 4 years ago

I am having an issue with recipes containing beets. For some reason, the juices containing beets seem to get clumpy especially after sitting in the fridge overnight. This makes them pretty unpalatable. Looking for suggestions on how to correct this issue.

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  • alxslaven

    4 years ago

    Hey WUM! I know this post is a little old, but just in case you're still following it (I'm guessing your done with your reboots but maybe for next time)... it seems that some veggies just end up clumping at the bottom for some reason. So before we pour the juice into small mason jars (they're 16 oz... perfect "meal" size) we just use a whisk to get everything mixed up and un-clumped. Then whatever's not going into the mason jars is still mixed up and ready to drink, and the mason jars are sealed, so if that juice is getting drank tomorrow or whatever you can just shake them well before opening and enjoy! Hope this helps.. and take care!

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