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Back to juicing again

Reboot Newbies

Posted by NSreboot on 3 months ago

Hello all,

I'm not a newbie at juicing, did a juice fast probably 5 years ago or so and it was only for like 5 days, so I'm back at it and seeing where it leads.

I'm on day 7 now of a juice fast, and I have to admit, it hasn't been easy, especially in the beginning. Not sure how long I'm gonna go, I think it depends on when I run out of money for veggies :)

As always, I'm wondering if I'm doing it right, especially since we are learning new things daily in nutritional science and juicing, but so far in all, i do feel better, not perfect, but somewhat, lol.

I've also lost 30lbs in less than 2 weeks, most of it after I started the juice fast. I need to lose another 20 or so.

I'm a cancer survivor of 5 years, and I am still disabled with severe chronic pain and some kind of weird auto-immune disease that no doctor can seem to tell me what it is, so once and for all, I'm deciding to try to fix this myself.

Right now, I have lesions on my body that biopsies showed is my immune system attacking my skin, and enlarge lymph nodes in my groin that are painful (again, doctors have no clue) so I guess the gauge of how this reboot goes is if these lesions disappear and my lymph nodes return to normal, or not, hopefully I will have the same success that Joe did.

Additionally, I had some kind of heart attack a few weeks ago, which I was actually dead on my basement floor for a minute or so (much to the distress of my wife) that again, the doctors cannot explain, they just said my heart was starved of oxygen and it might have been a blood clot, then they sent me home, yay, another ambulance bill, doh.

So, I'm on my own, forget the doctors, I guess if I cannot fix myself, nobody can.

Thanks and God bless you all!


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