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Aug 26: Please Raise a Glass in Honor of 100 pound rebooter!

Real Change

Posted by Soose on 9 months ago

I invite all members on RebootWithJoe, past and present, to raise a juice glass in honor of Buckmaster, in celebration of his passing the 100 pound loss milestone this weekend. He started in January and has been "juice only" over and beyond 100 days in this year 2018!

My family is choosing Buckmaster's favorite juice for breakfast, as I promised him we would last Spring:

Buckmaster wrote: "My favorite juice is an orange one....Oranges, grapefruit, strawberries and carrots. Sometimes I add extra fruit if it is on hand like: berries of any type, or pineapple, or melon. If you do make a juice like that, please remember that I really appreciate your contributions on "" when you drink that one :) "

Below are the posts on the Juicing Challenge for Beginners group as he passed the milestone this weekend.
( That link ought to get you into the vicinity of his post.) :


21 hours ago

Good morning all!

I have a bit of excitement this morning...I surpassed the 100 pound weight loss mark today!!!
I am 182.8 pounds now.
Juicing is not only the real deal for weight loss and body cleansing, but it teaches the power of RAW food better than any other way.
Now on to 180...


I forgot to mention that today is also the 109th day of juicing for me in 2018. I did a 30 day, 39 day, 21 day, 5 day, and now 14+ day juice only reboot.

I'm not tooting my own horn here, but for all you new and journeyman juicers it is an example of what an average person can do with the help of "" and everyone here!

Good luck!


3 days ago

Good morning! Today I hit my first main goal that was set back in January...I weighed in at 185 pounds this morning!

The next goal is to hit the 100 pound weight loss mark...1.6 pounds to go! Then my 3rd goal is to hit 180 when I'll begin transitioning back to good food again.
TO ALL REBOOTERS: This juicing process is nothing short of a miraculous thing! I never thought I could regain my health and get to an acceptable body weight so rapidly, and at the same time I work 5 days a week and have a "normal" life. Thanks again to Joe Cross and all involved in the "Reboot with Joe" world, including all the people that come here and share their thoughts!

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