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At 24, High blood pressure and other symptoms

Real Change

Posted by Sean-UK on 2 years ago

Hello everyone

I joined some time ago but never posted, first off il start with little bit of info why im here now.

im 24 years old for the past year i have suffered with panic and anxiety attacks and stress ive had a few things that happened that set this all off anyway ive been dealing with my anxiety but now at the doctors they said my blood pressure up not to much but still i dont lile hearing that so i want to finally comit to a change to get healthy again through excercise and diet. Just don't know where to start and thought of a bit of motivation by posting on here.



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  • Riteheer

    2 years ago


    you are in the right spot for blood pressure changes. A little over a year ago I went to festival and while there, I stopped at the mobile blood bank van to give blood. I discovered then that my blood pressure was high enough that most doctors would probably prescribe blood pressure meds. I don't visit them unless i have to, and certainly don't want to lose my private pilot's license for being on blood pressure medicine, so I embarked on a juice reboot....

    On a 21 day reboot I lost 32 lbs and my blood pressure went from something like 157/96 to about 121/78 very much improved. I'm back here to get serious about my lifestyle change, but saw your post and wanted to encourage you to embark and Juice ON!

    Oh, my teen son has anxiety attacks and his medical coach told him to cut out the caffeine, he has and it's seemed to have done the trick. So if you do a proper reboot, you may discover two benefits right off the bat!


  • LesleyB

    2 years ago

    Sean, I have essential hypertension which means it's my genes that cause high blood pressure. I was fairly fit, ate reasonably well and didn't have a weight problem so I gave in 10 years ago and went on medication. By accident I found that my BP went down a few months after starting juicing and a healthier lifestyle so it turned out that it wasn't all my family's fault! Things that I believe helped are: beetroot juice, spinach and kale in juice, ginger shots, water and more water, turmeric, vitamin D, bananas, - alcohol, salt and sugar reduction - exercise and meditation. I was unable to sustain a strict lifestyle forever and so am now back on medication but only half of what I used to take. (it's probably that I don't exercise enough as I still do all the other things.) As you are young and your blood pressure is only up slightly you may find you only need to do some of these things to get your BP under control but to be honest apart from the time constraints of committing to vigorous exercise most of it is pretty easy to do. I have a blog if you want to see what I do in more detail.

    A 20 minute session of meditation using any you tube video will help ease your anxiety. As Jeff said cut out the caffeine too. I haven't had caffeine for three years and after the first reboot I've never missed it.

    Good luck. Lesley

  • sophiesreboot

    2 years ago

    Hi Sean. I'm 28 and have high blood pressure also. I had a baby in 2014, never lost the weight, got pregnant again and had my second baby in 2015 all the while having high BP. It's now 2017 and I'm the heaviest I've ever been, have joint pains, back ache, anxiety and stress and have terrible addictions to sugar. I'm on day 1 of my reboot and KNOW I can do this, so can you. I tried to jump right into a reboot one day and because I went from junk eating, coffee, alcohol and all that, I had horrendous withdrawals and cravings and so couldn't finish it. I decided to take a step back and then watched a few of Joe's old videos on youtube on how to get prepared for a reboot by incorporating juices into your diet and trying to slowly take out things like caffeine, dairy etc and eat more fruits and vegetables. It's honestly helped loads as today was so much easier than when I last tried to start. I also waited until the weekend so that I could just lay in bed and not be surrounded by people if I needed to haha.

    Anyway, just shouting out to say you're not alone and that you can do it! :)

  • Or Maman

    2 years ago

    Hopefully your commitment to improvement is helping

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