Ask the Nutritionist


Ask the Nutritionist

Posted by Dahlia on 3 years ago

This is a suggestion for your development team.

It would be helpful to have a 14 day transition menu and shopping plan on the APP. I understand that people's dietary needs are different for protein and starches, but that could be handled with reference to a list. I need to make, eat, and see at least 14 days of what a typical plate looks like, before I feel comfortable with my eating plan.

I will be doing a 7 week plan for the week coming. I hope I get the proportions right.

Yesterday, I read that North Americans make their meal decisions one hour before they eat, leading to bad decisions. With busy schedules, it is sometime impossible to make meal plans and shopping lists, leading to 'What are we eating for ...?'

The APP is great. I have followed the meal plans, and am on day 7 of a ten day plan. Already, I am seeing the health benefits.

I want to say thank you to Joe and all the organization. The cost of a book and an APP far outweighs the benefits I have received so far. Your organization is generous.

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