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Anyone with RA or mixed connective tissue disease?

Free for All

Posted by Mguzek on 5 years ago

Hello everyone,

I actually did a ten day reboot last year and was successful. I can't explain why I stopped, but the good news is that I am ready to try again and help my body fight this disease. I'm looking for anyone with RA or Mixed Connective Tissue Disease. Let me know if you are in the same boat as me.

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Replies To Anyone with RA or mixed connective tissue disease?

  • rmcgath

    5 years ago

    Hi there! I have RA, diagnosed as a child but the last 5 years it has gotten worse, affecting my work and time with my children. I am starting out with a 10 day juice fast beginning tomorrow but would love to drink myself into remission. I just don't know how long I would last without actual food though, so my plans are to do a straight juice fast for as long as I can, followed by the autoimmune protocol, followed by paleo.

  • Candi

    5 years ago

    "Raising my hand" - that would be me! I was diagnosed with RA about 8 years ago. That is the main reason that I am going to do this reboot. My goal is to start the reboot this Tuesday. I am using the 15 day plan. My days are up and down but my option at this moment are Humira and such. The Plaquenil and Methotrexate were not successful and I refuse to take Prednisone. Like rmcgath, I would love to drink myself into remission also! I am definitely trying a new look on life in hopes that it will be successful. I finished the shopping tonight so tomorrow night will be prepping. I am anxious to get this ball rolling!

  • cookie57

    5 years ago

    Hey There

    I was diagnosed with Ankylosing Sponylitis 8 years ago. I started juicing about 3 wks ago . Things have been going well and my pain has decreased. It has been reported that a low starch diet helps to decrease inflammation.

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