Anyone have tips to simplify the work?


Posted by mandoris on 5 months ago

A few weeks ago I did a 14 day reboot, and enjoyed it. Except for one thing. While I could have drank the juice every day for 60 days or more without being bothered, by the end of the 14 days I was HATING the actual labor of making the juice every day. :)

I want to do another reboot sometime soon, I was curious if anyone could advise either more simplistic juice recipes or other tips to make it better.

Example, I love using cucumbers, celery, and carrots. They are very simple to clean, and you just shove the whole thing in the juicer. Awesome. I found oranges and beets for example to be a huge hassle, the oranges took forever to peel, and the beets took a long time to clean and cut. I would love a set of 3 recipes that are low work, I don't have a problem repeating the same recipe again and again, I like simplicity.

Also, I found it was taking me about 25 minutes to make 32oz of juice. What I was doing was three recipes per day, two servings of each. So one day would take me about 75 minutes to make 6 16 oz juices, and the other day would take me 50 minutes to make 4 16 oz juices, to give me my 5 per day. I would clean all the fruit/vegetables for 2 servings, juice them, and then take the juicer apart and rinse it to clear the built up pump. Having to do that 2-3 times in a sitting added time. But I didn't feel like the juicer could make 6 servings without getting the central chamber backed up. Any tips on this? Using a Breville BJE510XL.

Basically, I would love it if I could get it down to 10 minutes to make 32 oz of juice, either by getting smarter about how I clean the juicer, or by using nothing but fast ingredients like cucumbers. :) Thanks much for any insights!

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  • DesktopCommando

    5 months ago

    Stick with a Mean Green, I don't wash or do anything to it, apart from cutting the apples into smaller pieces and tossing them in, I can prep/juice/clean up in under 5 minutes. makes 24 oz per meal time.


    Wash the loose parts of juicer in sink and leave to dry, take the top off and scoop the veg matter out a spoon into bin, wash the top and place to naturally dry, empty veg container into bin, fill & swill with water empty into sink or down toilet, leave to dry, take out mesh cutter and clean with a pot brush under running water, leave to dry, final piece - wash and leave to dry


    get juice container, scoop out foam, stir, drink all from container, wash container and leave to dry.

    And I'm done

  • Zootal

    5 months ago

    Also, make three days of juice at a time and store it in the fridge. Don't bother with produce that takes too long to prepare.

  • LiveTo120

    4 months ago

    I love all this talk of efficiency! That's what was bogging me down, too. On this reboot, I'm still working on recipes. I also found that I can do with less variety as long as the juices taste good and I use vanilla flavored stevia about 5 drops for 2 servings to make sure there's enough flavor in the juice.

  • mandoris

    4 months ago

    Honestly, I just down all the juices in a 5 second gulp, but I found that none of them actually tasted bad... If anything, they had far less flavor than I expected. I pour them into a large plastic throw away cup, so that a small bottle neck doesn't slow down drinking. :)

    So on that basis, I don't value variety at all... I fear making just one shake 5 times a day might negate some of the benefit of a variety of nutrients, but I don't value variety for flavor. That's why I was thinking 3 juices of different colors with simple low-labor recipes would be a good thing to repeat.

    I was horrified to see how much it would cost to buy fresh juice at a juice bar every day.. I live in a major city area so there are probably 5 different local options for fresh made juice same as I would make it at home, but they want $9 for a 16oz juice lol. I was averaging $9-10 a day doing it at home. :)

  • MinaMina

    4 months ago

    Also, put a plastic bag in the big container. That's one less part to clean. As for recipes:

    Carrot, apple ginger

    Cucumber, celery, parsley

    Kale, spinach, cucumber

    Grape and lime (dessert juice bc it has a lot of sugar but is highly diuretic)

    You shouldn't really down the juices :) with the nasty ones, I'm tempted to do that too but I find that it's tough on my stomach and I get hungry again faster.

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