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Posted by shannon on 6 years ago I went to see a doctor on day two of my juice fast for a phlegmy cough. He prescibed antibiotics that are still sitting on my kitchen counter. It is now two days later, day four of my fast, and I am still feeling awful and coughing up a lot of odd coloured mucus, but am not sure how much of this is illness and how much is detox. Do I need to stop my fast if I start taking the anibiotics? I realize that you are not a doctor, but am hoping that you've come across this before. I don't have a regular doctor (new city) and feel that my chances of getting one who knows nothing about juice fasting at a walk in clinic are very high. Thank you, Shannon

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  • Claire Georgiou - ND

    6 years ago
    Hi Shannon, It is important to take the antibiotics with solid food, so you could continue your reboot while eating some reboot food as shown on the plans! Vegetable and fruit based meals will be fine! I would also recommend a probiotic to take after your course of antibiotics. Here are some suggestions to improve your chest infection that you can complete while rebooting that may reduce the severity and time of the infection

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