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Posted by Phil-b on 2 months ago

Hello I am Phil and I'm day 3 of a juice fast. Well sort of as I have already given in to temptation. eating nothing was proving to hard and each day I have had some solid food. but I did stick to eating just a small plate of fruit and vegetables with a few almonds on top. it gave me the sensation of having something to eat and was a great psychological boost. Day two was very difficult and I also gave in to drinking tea with sugar. But I have lost 7 pound in 3 days and that is very encouraging.

I am 45 obese and have recently been put on medication for high blood pressure. I have been struggling to loose weight for a few years with the result being a yoyo weight and not permanent losses.

I have lost a little over the last few months and with a big drop on juice I'm now in the overweight category rather than obese which is encouraging. even though I drinking tea still I am seeing results but I know I not resetting my taste buds/ cravings doing this but I do feel it is a good start at least.

I did not like the mean green juice at all but soon found it was just the celery I did not like so I'm leaving that out, Also I did not seem to get anything from kale or spinach leafs so I have taken to blending them before I put them into the juicer in the hope I am getting more from them. the juice is noticeably darker when I do this so I hope I getting a bit more from them

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  • Layana83

    2 months ago

    Well done on your three day fast so far...that's fantastic.Once you push through the initial difficult phase I think it'll start to become easier. Even though you've opted to eat a small amount it's still a massive improvement and you should be proud. One of the plan's in Joe's Reboot book is to include a meal so it sounds like what you're doing is spot on. Keep it up :)

  • Jeribee36

    2 months ago

    Hiya.. I"m Jerry from Australia. Well done on making such fabulous changes and the weight loss. Take each day as it comes, and a change is a change. xxx

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