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Am I high?

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Posted by Juiceologist on 4 years ago

Today was day 4 for me and aside from feeling hungry and the occasional severe craving things have been going well. Today however was kind of strange. I was out and about running errands, it was pissing rain, Costco was an insane asylum and traffic was a bitch. And all of this I did lugging around my 1 & 3 year old daughters who were hyperactive-crazy from being cooped up inside all morning due to the weather.

All of this would normally have pre-reboot me about ready to tear my hair out but today was different. I felt totally mellow, almost zen-like, as if nothing could phase me. It was like I was, well, high. It was great...almost a spiritual feeling, which is odd since I'm not a spiritual person in the least.

The events of the day beg the question am I high from not eating?

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