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All Juice for 15 Days

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Posted by caroline on 4 months ago


I have Joe's book and App on my iphone. I have done a few 3 day juices but not 15. However, looking to lose weight for a job interview in 16 days. Great time to do a 15 day juice cleanse. However, instead of following the plan where you eat food, being that I want to lose weight quickly, is it ok to just start juicing with no food. Instead of following his plan, is it OK to pick my own juices for the whole cleanse from your provided recipes.

Love the movies and all the information. you guys are fantastic and I ALWAYS recommend you to anyone looking to improve their health and life!

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Replies To All Juice for 15 Days

  • Danmcn61

    4 months ago

    You can do whatever you want

  • Claire Georgiou - ND

    4 months ago

    Dear Caroline,

    You can use the 3 day juice cleanse as a guide and substitute the juices that are suitable to you for the remaining period.

    Make sure you include a variety of colour with half the contents green and ensure the juices are around the 80% vegetable mark and you drink all the extra fluids that are recommended such as vege broth, coconut water, herbal tea and filtered water.

    How are you going now?

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