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A 30 Day Juice Fast Log (started on day 14)

Free for All

Posted by Rhiannon on 4 years ago

I am on day 14 (wahoo!) of what I have planned to be a 30 day juice-only fast. I did not join this community until I was already started and am just now deciding to document my experience. I love reading others' success stories and want to have mine laid out for anyone else who might benefit from reading about mine.

Introduction: My name is Rhiannon and I am days shy of my 36th birthday. I have struggled with my weight most of my life. I remember being put on diets when I was just in the 4th grade (how I still cringe at the sight of a slim fast can!) and made to always feel less-than other girls because I was not as thin as them. My mom had serious eating issues (still does) and between environmental exposure and genetic lottery I have a lot of the same eating issues and a body that gets fat and hold on to fat easily. Not a good combination.

Here is a picture of my family from this past summer just before my youngest's second birthday. Following is one of me holding him at my absolute heaviest! 214 lbs. (so hard to admit those numbers so publicly!)

I have always been able to rein it in with diet and exercise when I was getting too fat, until I had children. For 5 years I went from thin to pregnant and obese to shedding half my baby weight to pregnant again and to shed most of the weight from the first two pregnancies to major back sliding and packing on the weight. I started to work out again and the day I was going to sign up to run a marathon (albeit a year off) I found out that the stomach flu I had was not a flu, but a baby* on the way!!!

Just before I got pregnant with my son, I saw Fat Sick and Nearly Dead and knew a reboot would be great for me! I have been a long time sufferer of IBS and migraine like headaches. But to lose the weight I had yo-yoed up and down with since my first pregnancy would be a dream come true! I had done a lot to lose it, but never could fully get it off and my metabolism seemed to be half the speed or strength it was before kids.

This summer (as I said earlier) I hit my LARGEST at 214. I have reasons for gaining it besides food and exercise (lack of) but I also have medical reasons, stemming from my last pregnancy.* I was determined to get it off and as fast as I could. So I cut calories down to 1,200. Nothing; no change on the scale. I scraped together enough money to join a gym and worked out for 60 minutes or more a day (mostly hard cardio) and saw NO change on the scale. In fact, for a while (after 8 weeks of effort) I sat at a gain of 2 lbs. Talk about discouraging!!! In fact, I have not been back since November. But I plan to go again next week.

Fast forward to late December last year (2014) and I just could not stop thinking about doing a reboot. I had the juicer (got it after my son was born when Costco had one on sale) and I had the desire and the ailments to heal and plenty of weight to shed. I just didn't have the money to juice -yet.

I prayed a lot about it. I kind of became obsessed with it. But our money was so tight, I couldn't begin to afford it! Seriously, how could I juice and not even have enough to feed my kids. One day I posted a comment on a facebook group giving advice how to stretch food money with a large family (a woman with 5 kids asked for tips to survive off $175 for a month). I shared how we had $50 to live off of from December 25 through January 10. I shared how I was feeding us, etc. A friend (also in the group) saw my post. And two days later (January 9, the day before we got paid next) a knock on the door and in she came with BOXES of food. I cried. Not only did we have food to eat (besides potatoes and pancakes and rice) but she got an EXCESSIVE amount of fruits and veggies. I never told anyone but my husband about my plans to juice fast. I took it as a sign from God to start my fast. I started on January 10 (the day after she came and did I mention she came with a pizza?! I totally had pizza my last eating day!!!).

The following posts I will make today will catch you up on how the first 13 days went and *the one just after this will be more about my pregnancy and why I need this juice fast to heal me and not just help me lose weight.

Thanks for reading and welcome to my journey! :D



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  • Gnat

    4 years ago

    very encouraging, i really look forward to following you on your journey! Way to go so far, i look forward to saying I'm on day 14. Thank you for sharing with us. :)


    4 years ago

    What a great post! I can totally relate, and I am so happy that God supplied the means for you to start. Keep it up, it's very encouraging for someone like me. :-)

  • Rhiannon

    4 years ago

    Okay, as I said, this first post will be about my last pregnancy. It deserves a post of it's own. It takes a bit to explain it and to share why this juice fast is needed for more than weight loss.

    I had the worst pregnancy! No really, it was awful. Little good came from it besides a child. I found out there was a name for what I suffered with my first two children when the third round of it with the last pregnancy was so intense I couldn't stay alive without medical intervention. I was diagnosed with Hyperemesis Gravidarum (HG) and went home to read up on it. I was terrified! HG is often called "extreme morning sickness" but to women with HG that's like calling a hand being cut off a "paper cut." I was vomiting for hours on end and blacking out from it. I went weeks with just a tablespoon of applesauce a day or less, even with medications and daily IV treatments. I held on to the the hope that I would be like most women with HG who find it subsides by 20 weeks and with good reason because with my first two it end it 22 weeks and 17 weeks (and then packed on the pounds like mad because I found with my first two that always eating helped with the lingering nausea). But, I was not so lucky, it was unrelenting and I delivered my son still unable to eat or drink more than 500 calories worth in a day. I was on a high dose of steroids that helped me (every time I tapered down the vomiting came back strong). I delivered my son under my starting weight by about 6 lbs, but within a week of having him I was twenty under my start weight. I should note that at 28 weeks along I was 18 pounds under my start weight and unable to stand I was so weak -only then did they give me nutrition (I will talk about that next).

    I delivered him by induction at 37 weeks due to my illness, pumped full of steroids, a liver in early stages of failure, on TPN (kind of a formula that's lipids and sugars that's put in through a PICC line -placed in a central vein and feeds to tip of heart, PICC lines are for long term use and I had to get one because nurses could no longer find a good vein in my body to give me IVs).

    This picture is of the TPN (total parenteral nutrition) and the pump (it ran for 20 hours a day).

    My entire pregnancy I held onto the hope that once I was holding my baby in my arms my life would be good and I would be happy and well and we could get on with our lives.

    After I had my son I had so much anxiety and depression, I was going crazy. All I could think was, "why aren't things better?!" And the care and attention I received while pregnant, but still needed, stopped once I had him. That, plus postpartum depression and PTSD = a very rough road to recovery.

    At six months postpartum I was put on zoloft for my PTSD anxiety symptoms. The nurse practitioner I saw in the psychology department said there were better medications to take, but not if I was nursing (and I was). I found little relief from the zoloft so they upped my dose several times and then I began to PACK on the weight. I convinced myself I could get it off and to just focus on my mental well being. All my time was spent caring for 3 kids, homeschooling two of them, and therapy for the PTSD and depression. I stopped the Zoloft when I was having a withdrawal like experience, despite not missing any doses and then began to have memory lapses (scary!). It took 4 months for the withdrawals to subside (it was terrible) and I spend most hours on the couch with vertigo and depression. I was up 60 lbs (from giving birth) by the time I was done with the withdrawal symptoms and still an anxious person with nightmares.

    I had such a high amount of mental and physical pain every day that life was just so hard and though I was never suicidal, I would not have minded dying. All the hope I held to while vomiting for hours and lying in bed with the room spinning and unrelenting nausea had left me. My better days were not better. And the thin body I got from starving for 9 months was lost too, lol.

    Since having my son I have had chronic joint pain (it all came on me a few weeks after having him). I looked up old labs and see that I had blood work down in January 2013 (when I was put on zoloft) and found that I had been diagnosed with "HYPERURICEMIA (HIGH URIC ACID IN BLOOD)" Funny how the doctors never told me... When I clicked on it I saw "Gout" and read that it can cause joint pain, so maybe that's what is going on. I have to read up more, but I am sure this juicing will help. I already have less joint pain :D

    I am doing much better emotionally these days and labs taken 6 months postpartum show that I have a healed liver back in healthy range. It was in the 300s for my AST & ALT last month of pregnancy.

    For those curious, my steroid dose level was:


    Wow, that was hard and emotional to share, but glad it did.

    If you ever know someone who is pregnant and their morning sickness seems really extreme, please advise them to seek medical help ASAP. Women and children die still from this pregnancy disease. It's rare, but not as rare as you might think. Sadly many OBs don't know enough about it and don't treat it well (many still think it's psychosomatic). I was told to do yoga and meditate and see a therapist for help when I was not well by 18 weeks when my doctor said I should be (doctors!!!!). A great site if someone you know needs help:

  • Rhiannon

    4 years ago

    Reflecting on days one (1/10/15) through day thirteen (1/21/2015). I am taking a lot from a log I have kept in a Facebook group I created to share with a few interested friends:

    Written on Day 2, Reflecting on day 1 (1/10/15):
    I had 3 big batches of juice. I had some water in between but not enough. I know I need to drink more water so I'm working on that today. I struggle with water intake ever since my pregnancy (I couldn't drink water). I still get nauseated when I drink too much at a time and as such have gotten used to not drinking enough.

    Last night a horrible headache started and I still have it. I'm sure it has to do with not enough water, lack of caffeine (I had reduced it since last month) and possibly detoxing.

    I read that most people on a juice fast feel bad for a few days. Some say they feel awful until 14 days in. I hope I'm like those who feel better by day 4.

    I have always found that when I change my diet in any way I have a hard time adjusting for around 3-5 days. So I'm just expecting this week to be hard.

    I'm hungry today (day 2), but not starving. I've already had about 20 ounces of juice today. I want to make a just veggie juice today, but I am finding my juicer doesn't do well extracting juice from the spinach I have and it's only getting a drop out of the broccoli. I need a better juicer, but I cannot afford a better one, so I am going to need to make do with what I have.

    Picture of my first juice (pre-juiced):

    Written Day 3, Reflecting on Day 2 (1/11/15):
    Overall it was an easier day. My headache went away, but came back last night. I drank a lot of fluids so I doubt it was dehydration.

    I sorta "cheated" last night when I went grocery shopping and got an Odwalla smoothie for my dinner. I thought it was a juice only drink and grabbed the smoothie and not the green juice I thought it was (I spent 10 minutes reading loads of labels and clearly got confused). After I drank it I noticed it was a smoothie. Oh well! It was mostly greens and tasty. ;-)

    As of this morning I'm down 4 lbs and some ounces. I know weight comes off fast in the start then slows, but I love seeing any change already! After weeks of working out and dieting and only gaining weight ANY loss is encouraging to see!

    Written Day 3 about Day 3 (1/12/15):

    Tonight I had the yummiest juice. It was made with 2 apples, 2 pears, about an 1/8th of a pineapple and about 1.5 cups of cranberries. The cranberries are tart and it was reminiscent of a pink lemonade! YUM!!!!

    I had for lunch one inspired by V8. I juiced a tomato (beefsteak kind), 1/5 bushel of cilantro, 1/2 lemon (some peel in tact), one full head of romaine, one beet, 1/2 cucumber, 6 stalks of celery, about 15 baby carrots and two big handfuls of spinach. Yum. Just the salty (celery) and tangy tasty I wanted. I like sweets, but was missing something more savory.

    Day 4 reflection (1/13/15):
    Today's been rough, but not impossible. I am going to say it was so rough because I didn't get enough juice in and not enough liquids. It was just a crazy, busy day and I wasn't as prepared as I should have been. Live and learn. But YAY!!! I did day 4!!!!

    Day 5 (1/14/15):

    Today (day 5) has been much better!!! :) YAY!!!

    I'm on my 3rd juice and I plan to have 4 or 5 today. Not the 3 I had been having.

    Breakfast was a sweet juice of apples, pears and some veggies :)

    Lunch was what I'm going to call "The Fuchsia Fresh" (beet juice, apple juice and red cabbage juice).

    My mid-day snack one is a zippy one! I should name it "The Orange Zip" I made it with 5 small oranges, 1.5 cups baby carrots, about 1" of ginger (but I know my juicer didn't get much juice from it so more like 1/2") and two celery sticks -to help get the juice from the ginger to come out! I'm NOT a ginger fan, but I know it's good for me so I'm doing my best to drink it. It's not bad and I like the taste, but it's intense to drink a whole 24 oz of it!!!!

    *Note: At this time I did not know about the importance of the 20/80 rule and was having too many fruits (but also did so because I could not get the greens I had, besides cucumber, to juice well).

    Picture of "The Fuchsia Fresh" (it matches my bottle) and recipe:

    1/4 red cabbage,
    2 red apples
    1 small beet (peeled)
    Beet greens (small amount)

    Day 6 (1/15/15):

    It's the start of day 6!!!!

    Right now my emotions about this whole experience are that I could do this for forever! but no one worry: I won't and couldn't!

    As of right now I'm thinking I'll be doing this for 30 days then green smoothies 2x day and plant based rest of day for 30 more. Some people go 60 even 90+ days on just juice, but I don't have the funds to go that long.

    I found a bottle of organic, cold pressed juice at Costco yesterday and it is packed with the green goodness my juicer just won't handle. (Mine gives me about 2 tbs of juice from 2 cups of spinach.)

    I'm drinking it now and it's not as bad tasting as I thought it was going to be!

    It's just under 60 oz and $7.99. In theory I could juice fast for about $10 a day buying this product for the majority of my juice. Hmmm something to think about.

    images of the juice I found:

    Shared on day 6: Got some GREAT deals at Costco last night! They had most produce marked down with instant rebates. Fuji apples were $3.49 for 5.5 lb containers. The butternut squash also had a rebate. Pears did too, but I couldn't swing them this trip (plus they go soft fast and I have enough sweet power with the apples). image of my cart leaving Costco:

    Written night of 6th day:

    Struggling to choke down a very veggie concoction I made for dinner.

    I made it with 4 carrots, romain (2 heads), 1/2 an English cucumber, 1/4 head of red cabbage, cilantro, 3 grape tomatoes (couldn't find the beefsteak one I know I still have) about 6 stalks of celery, 3 cups of spinach (had it so I guessed it was better to juice and only get some juice than to let it waste) and it could hardly taste worse! Hahaha

    After posting I was asked a few things, among which was "how are you feeling?" this was my reply: "Fine. Still hungry, but it's been easy to drop coffee and such. I want to drink it because I love coffee in the winter!!! But it doesn't feel like a big missing out thing. I don't really miss eating, but I do miss the feeling of something non liquid in my stomach." I should say in reference to coffee, I have been drinking a lot of herbal teas with liquid organic stevia. I am trying to reduce on the stevia and getting able to drink with only a drop. :) I was a girl who liked creamy sweet coffee -I could drink it black, but only if I had to.

    Nothing shared on day seven (1/16/15)

    Rest of days in next post!

  • Rhiannon

    4 years ago

    Days 8-13 (had to cut last one short to post -was too long):

    Day 8 (1/17/15) posted this:

    Well I'm half way (even 3/4th's way) through day 8!!!!

    Down 7 lbs. I read women usually lose average of a pond a day. I read that most lost 10-14 lbs in a week then it slows down a lot but by day 30 most lost around 30 (most = women with similar amounts to lose). I hope I don't see a massive slow-down. :( although I am doing this to heal myself and not just for weight loss, I am great need of shedding at least 50 lbs!

    I think with one week under my belt I can more confidently say I'm shooting for 30 days! As of now I'm toying with the idea of doing 30 strict juice only days and then 30 that are 2 juices and dinner and snacks that are mostly raw and plant based (probably no grains). Then 30 days with juice once a day and plant based (trying grains again).

    How do I feel???
    More energy. But not the amount others have reported. I still have headaches (seemingly not at any time of day in particular).

    I find I'm feeling a bit more focused, hope that only increases!!!

    I still have joint pain and I'm upping the ginger (bleh!) in hopes that can help.

    I am still hungry. But I almost never get weak and shaky hungry like I used to get (as in before this fast).

    My stomach misses the feeling of food to digest. I find I'm craving a HUGE hot bowl of oatmeal most. But I have been most sad I cannot eat when I make dinners and especially when there is cheese involved!

    After this post the following comments and pictures were posted between one of my sisters and me (I'm sharing as I think they are too funny to not share):

    Sister K:

    7 pounds is so good!! I'm proud of you! Your really sticking to it and doing good!! And I know cheese is a tough one!


    I feel like Wallace from Wallace and Gromit: "CHEESE!!!!"

    Sister K: Hahahahaha that's so funny ...your gna start sounding like Rockwel [Rockwell is my 2 year old son and he is obsessed with cheese] lol..ohh cheese ..ooooh cheese

    Me: I made mac and cheese for the family tonight. Rockwell kept asking for cheese as I made it and I nearly yelled, "Look I want some too dang it! But we both need to learn to let it go!!!"

    Sister K: Hahaha you're like we need to get a grip!!

    Note (as I paste this into here) -It's so good to have fun and laugh at our struggles. And it's day 14 and I still want cheese! LOL :P

    Night of Day 8 I posted:

    Just made this and it's surprisingly tasty!!! Yum.

    Just made this and it's surprisingly tasty!!! Yum. *I didn't do the ginger or cinnamon (the green juice I drink has a lot of ginger -I think I am getting enough). Picture of the juice:

    Day 9 (1/118/15):

    Not fully sure why but today is a day of wanting to quit. I am not, but I want to quit.

    Note written now as I paste this in -I think it was due to hunger and for 2 days I just could not stomach the green juice -it had a bad taste. Not that it went bad, just like my taste buds revolted on me! I am past it now, phew!!!

    I wrote no more updates on my group from day 10-13, except to say "Day 13!" Not as much to say early on and it seemed like some of the people wanted to question me and not support me. So to share that I was hungry and wanting to quit for 3 days would have been a green light for them to say "stop." I needed to avoid hearing that!!!

    Day 13 was okay. Not a lot to report. My son is sick (but so far I haven't caught it!) and we spent most the day on the couch cuddling and watching Netflix. I snuck in Fat Sick and Nearly Dead 2 by handing my son my iphone to play some games. But I still had to hold him or he would cry. I have been thinking about after the fast ends, but watching FSND2 helped to prime me for more thought. I even thought for the first time yesterday that I might try to do this fast for MORE than 30 days. !!!!!!!!!!

  • Rhiannon

    4 years ago

    Day 15 (1/23/15):

    I'm on day 15!!!!!

    It's exciting to be half way through. My joint pain is non existent right now! Wahoo for that! :) I am still having circulation issues and sciatica :-( I spent too much time sitting and was in a lot of pain yesterday (lower back pain, sciatica and numbness from sitting too long). I couldn't sleep and was up until 3 something and now that I am awake again and not ready to be, I am seriously thinking of busting out my coffee maker... I have to wonder if it would make a big difference to how awake I feel and I wonder if I had 1 cup, could I just stop it and not struggle (all over again) to not have any???

  • Rhiannon

    4 years ago

    It's 2 PM on day 15 and I had so little sleep last night I am feeling like a zombie. I should nap, but I am trying to get A LOT done today. My husband's been away on a buisness trip this week and gets back late tonight and I decided to do some major cleaning and I am wanting to shampoo the carpets. My sciatica is acting up so bad I just want to lie down and sleep. REALLLLLY thinking about that coffee. :-/

    I keep asking myself, "why no coffee?" and I answer, "caffeine is not good for you and can disrupt the healing and weight loss process." But then I ask, "are you planning to go w/o coffee for forever?" I sigh and reply to myself, "no, I cannot see going forever without it." It's clearly on my mind today. Thank God I never smoked even one cigarette in my life, if quitting coffee is this hard how could I stop smoking?! LOL

    My kids are driving me crazy (we have been stuck in the house for days with no car, my husband has had it since Tuesday) and I am wanting to eat and drink coffee and warm up and take a nap. HAHAHAHA I am being suchy a whiney brat!

    I might give into the call of coffee...

  • Rhiannon

    4 years ago

    Day 15/16:

    Day 15 was a VERY productive day for me (quite the physically demanding day (major house cleaning) and I was exhausted! Literally, only had about 3 hours sleep. I also was having extreme sciatic nerve pain from the day prior (but thankfully my joints aren't in pain!!!). I was so tempted by the comforting, warming and energizing call of COFFEE. I gave in at 4 PM. I had about two or three ounces of coffe made in my French press (my maker was packed away!!!) and I even made it with cinnamon to add a bit of flavor and health. It tasted awful (I used some old preground coffee and I'm a coffee snob and couldn't take the flavor) and just couldn't take the lack of sweetness and creaminess I love. I'm glad I gave in and had some, otherwise I would have obsessed about it for days! By indulging ever so slightly I was able to get it out of my mind. ???? Today I was able to much easier resist the temptation of coffee. I actually stood in Starbucks with my sister as she got a coffee and was not that tempted. It was a mental battle, but not the war it was yesterday!!!

    Today is day 16 and I'm feeling really proud of myself!!! SIXTEEN DAYS!!!!!!!!!! How awesome!!!!! ???? I weighed myself and I'm down NINE POUNDS! Woooot woooot!!! I won't lie, I wish it was a lot more, like 16 lbs, BUT I took my self OUT of the 200s!!!!!!!!!!!! And that feels more exciting that way. And as I shared my first day of posting on here, I worked out at the gym for 8 weeks and calorie counted and could not shed a pound, so really, 9 feels like a minor miracle!

    My sister is visiting (for at least a few weeks) and decided tonight to join me!!! She is not sure if she will JUST juice fast, but I think she might. If not she will either just have one meal or juice all day but eat raw veggies and fruit. Having a juicing partner (on any level) will be nice!

    Lasting thought of the day to share before we watch FS&ND 2 together: I was telling Kelly, my sister, that before she commits to the fast she would NEED to really mentally and emotionally commit. I explained to her I had to come to a place of knowing that no matter how hard the fast would be, it could never be as hard as it was living my life the way I was before the fast. I knew I had to make a drastic change and for the first time in a very long time I have hope of shedding all this weight and healing my body and to live my life to the fullest!


  • Emma Moore NL

    4 years ago

    your blog is amazing!!! Keep up the good work, sorry I did not mean to flag your comments only like them, it's close together on my screen xxx

  • Rhiannon

    4 years ago

    yes, they are close and I too have hit it by accident too.

    Thanks for commenting :-)

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