Real Change

72 day left before wedding day.

Real Change

Posted by valentinaswrld on 4 years ago

Hi so I stared my juicing last week. It's day 9 for me and what a challenge,but I feel amazing and my skin wow that was fast.

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  • valentinaswrld

    4 years ago

    Is anyone interested in being in my group to discuss why people have A difficult time juicing and the emotional impact it can have cause we are so toxic . I have decided to get my certification on nutrients and well being I can teach about why the cells go nuts. Anyone had an input out there.Sincerely your feeling alone out in this community

  • LivingLifeLia

    2 years ago

    Hi I hope all is well with you since you posted two years ago. I thought I'd just share what I did since I couldn't juice. It was more about finances than juicing itself. I did the next best thing to juicing back then and ate greens, and fruits. I did incorporate juicing here and there but got rid of processed foods, sugar, meat, and dairy. It's been more than three year for me on this journey and it's the best thing I've ever done for God and my family. No more yo yo diets, no more pain, and I've lost tons of weight. I wasnt's focused on the weight even though it was a problem I wanted to feel better. Well take care and hope that you'll take the journey for life.

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