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50th Day of my 60 Day Reboot!

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Posted by freudemjoy on 3 years ago

Greetings, fellow Rebooters!

Today is my 50th day of a 60 day long reboot. I am female, 55 years young, and 167 cm. tall. My reboot started on January 5th, and will go until March 5th. I began this journey after watching SFAND. Joe Cross was able to "cure" his autoimmune dermatitis. I have Hashimoto's Thyroiditis for 8 years, and I do not want to take hormones! I take T3, and T4. Bummer. And I have gotten, as a result of the Hashi's, periodontitis, and also have scars on my retina, due to retinal detachment. Everything with me is from the neck up. I have had to struggle with extreme low body metabolism, low heart rate (34-36), low blood pressure, and depression. My inability to maintain normal weight also was getting to me. I do not eat junk food, nor do I eat gluten products:bread, pasta, grains. Nothing has helped my thyroid. So, now I am doing the Reboot to see if 60 days of intense juicing can help. 50 days are almost done. What have I learned? Well, to start with, I found out that only the first few days are horrible, and I was very unhappy at first to be not getting any food, boo-hoo. I would suggest beginning the reboot on a weekend, where one can just hang in bed. After the first few days, I got into the habit. It is kinda like running a marathon. The euphoria carries one for the first stretch of the path. Then, it is just habit, this juicing, and the mind stops fighting and just accepts. Now, I can see the finish line, and I am really, really ready to be DONE!!! I began this journey weighing over 70 kg. I was too chicken to get on the scale at first. I waited until I was on the reboot for one week. I weighed 70.4 kg. Now, I weigh 61.5 kg. So, around 20 lbs. I have allowed myself to have homemade broth, if I want it. I make the broth with the veggies that are spit out from the juicer, and just add water, and cook it for about 30 minutes. Whatever I do not use I put into the freezer! I gots me a whole bunch of frozen broth! I plan on posting here when I reintroduce food. I decided to be vegan (I have been, for the past 50 days, lol). If you are on the fence about going vegan after the reboot, then watch FORKS OVER KNIVES, and also watch this fantastic youtube video from an internist, who went vegan after serious health issues. This doc is sooo joyous and the talk is so packed full of useful info. It was a pleasure to watch her talk. So here it is, and enjoy:

I bought vegan cookbooks, watched FORKS OVER KNIVES, and joined a local vegan group in my area. I bought new ceramic pots and pans, and a slow-cooker (plus a slow-cooker vegan cookbook!). Like Blueskadoo, I redid my kichen, restocked it with yummy beans, and lots of macrobiotic type foods. What I plan on doing until I reach my goal of 125 lbs (55 kg.), is to juice morning and lunchtime, and to have one meal (salad/soup) for dinner. This will take me some time. I will have 5-6 kg. to go by the time this reboot is over. I plan to do a reboot for 2 weeks every 4 months. Even after my goal weight is achieved. I am also beginning to plan my garden, which will have lots of juicing stuff in it. Organic seeds, no GMO crap. So, what have I physically noticed in these 50 days? Well, I noticed that a chronic low back ache, is 100 % gone! I had this back pain for over 3 years. I am no longer depressed, and have lots of energy. My joints are limber, and I feel flexible. I have not yet been to all the docs, so I do not yet know if my dis-eases are less or gone. I can not bring myself to completely stop my meds. I will talk to my doc about this, when I see him in a couple of weeks. I have my eye doc appointment, and my dentist appointment both in March.

Some folks are concerned if they do not have a BM while rebooting...I am not. When one juices only, one has no fiber, right? Therefore one will not poop every day. I learned that when one eats a plant-based diet, one will have a BM soon after every meal!! Wow. For someone like me, with low thyroid symptoms, THAT will be short of a miracle if that happens.

I am starting a new life. I have been in mourning for these last few years. First my mom died at the end of 2009. Then my darling husband died of cancer in October, 2010. Then my youngest granddaughter, Ava, died suddenly, at age 22 months, in March 2012. It has taken its toll on me. I still feel the acute loss of my loved ones. And I do want to live and be healthy. Up until my husband got cancer, he was an amazing fit athlete. But he ate a lot of sugar and meat. A LOT......every, single day. I believe cancer can be helped by changing one's diet. My husband did not believe this. His last meal in this life was french fries, and a big, german sausage. It hurt so, to see him waste away. Well, I learned that the only one I can "save" or help is myself. Hence this reboot. I will let you all know how I am doing with the reintroducing of food.

Bye for now, and I wish us all so much success!

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Replies To 50th Day of my 60 Day Reboot!

  • juicenut

    3 years ago

    So sorry for your losses :(

    You are truly an inspiration! Good luck on your journey!

  • limlim

    3 years ago

    you are truly inspiring

  • J5ofus

    3 years ago

    Not to be repetitive, but your story is truly inspiring! When your life seemed to be spiraling out of control to some extent - you did something about it and it turned out to be amazing. Good for you! I hope to be able to write my own success story here some day soon. In the meantime, I am enjoying reading everyone else's, but especially yours. Amazing!

  • blueskadoo23

    3 years ago

    Im sorry for all your loss freudemjoy :( I loss my mum and my favourite aunt and that had taken a toll on my life and my phsyical well being as well. Its a terribly hard thing to deal with.

    But you have done and are doing such an amazing job!! I'm so excited for your healthy future!

  • Closed Account

    3 years ago

    It's amazing to hear how grief has affected each of us. I am so inspired, thank you for sharing your story, my motivation was flagging a little, now I have my fire back! Will definitely watch "Forks Over Knives". I totally recommend "May I Be Frank?" too. "Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead", plus this website and Joe's book are proving to be a revolution!

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