5 vs 10 day


Posted by Sjg83 on 2 years ago

I'm going to start with a 5 day reboot and see how I feel has anyone transitioned that into a 10 day reboot? Was it a all juice 10 day or did you include food?

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  • humanpuck

    2 years ago

    Hey there! I was originally going to do a 7 day reboot and have kept going, I'm on day 10 now. I haven't had a speck of food, its been all juice. The longer I do it the easier it seems to get. I think it was on day 5 at night that I felt so hungry that I couldn't get to sleep. Once I finally fell asleep it all went away. I woke up in the morning feeling complete refreshed!

  • Rainbow

    1 year ago

    I am feeling that now. today is day 4 for me. I almost broke my jucie only cleanse . most things i can handle but it was two of my favorite foods. today was a close one.

  • KaiserFranz

    2 years ago


    you should maybe take 10 days because only after 5 days you start feeling better and all bad symptoms are gone. At lease that is how it was with me.

  • Tassie54

    1 year ago

    I'm on day 10 now, after originally planning to go for 7 days. No side effects or bad symptoms, but battling hunger at times. Cooking normal meals for my family though, which isn't easy when you're juicing, certainly tests the will power! (and so far have lost 6-7 kg's).

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